Camp Eco-Responsible

Here is a small overview of the actions we take in terms of sustainable development
  • Reasonable mowing: with 6 hectares, we voluntarily leave areas unmowed in order to preserve biodiversity.

  • Pathway lighting with LED spotlights powered by solar panels.

  • Solar heating of the pool shower and sauna.

  • Recycling and composting of plant waste from the restaurant.

  • Selective sorting of household waste

  • Installation of dedicated shower heads to reduce water consumption in rental properties Installation of aerators in showers and bathroom sinks to reduce water consumption.

  • Monthly check of the water network to prevent risks of leaks.

  • Total switching off of bathroom lights from 1 a.m. to 8 p.m. in order to limit light pollution and electricity consumption.

  • Manual weeding no chemical treatment.
  • Provision in rental properties of the responsible ecotourist guide

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